Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Touch (chill mix)

Here is a deep emotion filed chill out mix that covers a lot of ground.Comments welcome and enjoy.

Noto Alva,Sakamoto Ryuichi - Trioon Ii
Noto Alva,Sakamoto Ryuichi - Morning
Brian Eno,Harold Budd - Above Chiangmai
Brian Eno - Dover Beach
Sigur Ros,Mogwai - Luvstory
Solar Fields - Air Song (8 Am Version)
Dan Gibson - Summer's Eve On A Mountain Lake
Tim Story - Riverine
John Fox - City As Memory
Paul Sauvanet - Land Of The Angel
John Fox - Infinite In All Directions
Bill Douglas - Heaven In A Wild Flower
John Fox - Return To A Place Of Remembered Beauty
Ketil Bjornstad,David Darling,Terje Rypdal,Jon Christensen - The Sea 3
Raphael - Joy Of Forgiveness
Paul Sauvanet - Adieu
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