Friday, August 22, 2008


If you believe or follow some of the ancient text and stories from the the Mayan, Sumerians or the Hopi Indians and their belief of a planet called Nibiru, Red Comet 2012, Blue Star Kachina and the Bibles Wormwood then you will understand the context of this mix. For those that do not, a short summary is below.

The belief goes that something shall enter our planetary orbit around the end of 2012 or thereabouts and cause havoc upon the planet such as a pole shift, solar flares or a black hole in the center of our galaxy getting ready to swallow everything up. All the stories point to a supposed ending or higher spiritual transformation of our world as we know it. This is my take on it from a musical interpretation and I hope you all enjoy it. Comments are welcomed.

Ofra Haza - Love Song (Kintar Remix)
Federico Monachesi - Subconcious
Kintar - Dreaming In Tel Aviv (Dub Mix)
Dave Ferol & Arion Grey - Lost In The Far East
Sultan - How Long (Alican & Soner Unreleased Dub)
Lai & Facundo Mohrr - The End Of The World
Embliss - All That Was Faded (Marrakech Remix)
Redkone - Botswana In War (Kike Mayor & Aber Remix)
G Pal - 3rd Of July (Christian Cambas Remix)
Redkone - Fenix (Original Mix)
Mango - She Was Here (Kintar Mix)
Python - Monkey Island (Style Clash's Python Island Mix)
Pablo Roma - Pushing Me Away (Dj Meric Mix)
Snake Sedrick - Cold Stone
Redkone - Where Are You (Petzi & Diaz Mix)
Bs As Deep Feat. Detune - Magic Moment (Detune & Niko Fantin Remix)
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