Friday, November 21, 2008

Abstract Beauty

I have a new mix that is on the deep chilled side of music. This mix is very abstract and will take you on a journey that your ears and mind will love. Hope you all enjoy it and comments are welcome. Take care.

Ocp - Atmos One
Marcel Tuerkowsky - Still Believe In Still
Konntinent - Grasp Of Math
The Inventors Of Aircraft - Hazel
Near The Parenthesis - Nidae
Shnare.Sys - Nice Shoes Bitch
Konntinent - Nasse
Marcel Tuerkowsky - Stavanger Blick
Herzog - My Bed Is My Boat
Konntinent - 3 Of 8 Of 4
Maps And Diagrams - Siaptik
Stephane Leonard - Antonio
Muhr - Dead Leaves
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