Thursday, February 26, 2009

Low End Kick

Well here is another mix for ya all. This is a bass rattling, speaker moving, breaks set. It's got the elements of progressive along with some deep funk and some new school to round it off. Enjoy it and comments welcome.

30hz - In Your Ear (Original Mix)
Ian Van Dahl - Inspiration (Breakfastaz Remix)
Timo Maas - First Day (General Midi Remix)
Digitalis - The Ride (Kid Blue Remix)
Wahoo - Make Em Shake it (Stanton Warriors Remix)
The Evil Crew - High Radiate
Evil Nine - Special Move
Jackal & Hyde - Dark Star
Bocaj Vs Sam Mollison - Let it Go (Electro Break Dub)
Sharaz - Release Me (Breakbeat Mix)
Mobius - Thugs (Original Mix)
320 ddl
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