Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Abstract Beauty 3

Here is the next installment of Abstract Beauty.
This one is a little more musical, but still has that off kilter feel to it.
Hope you all enjoy it and comments are welcome.
Preslav Literary School - 1-2
Cordell Klier - Crackling Empty Field
Emeralds - Living Room
Kalte - Bremsstrahlung
Northern Valentine - Escaping Light
David Toop, Scanner & I-O3 - Arius Graeffei
Koen Park - Conshelf
Vannvidd - Draped Me
Elegi - Den Store Hvite Stillhet
Swod - Fugitif1
Ciaran Byrne - Moving Sungold
Lepolair - Le Regard
Mountains - Add Infinity
Symbiosis - Autumn's Last Whisper
Sleepmakeswaves - Exits To Nowhere
320 ddl
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