Monday, July 13, 2009

My Final Mixes, A Ambient And A Live Progressive Tribal Set.

Well here they are the last new mixes I will be doing. It's been fun but it's now time for me to hang the headphones up and move into another phase of my life.

I would like to thank all of you for all the support and kind words that I have received over the last 25yrs. I also wold like to say that the last 25yrs have been a great ride and I would never trade the memories nor the hardships for anything in this world.

Thank you all and may PEACE, LOVE and UNITY be in all our lives.

Abstract Beauty V (In Memory of Neda) 320 DDL
Radiant Chill
Dark Energy
Black Hole
Slow Motion Torso
Delayed By Rest
In My Dreams
Nylon Spiral
Persian Nights
That Mad Iraqi
Cotton Star
Stairs Without End
Vox Populi
Event Horizons
Madrid Sunshower
Mecca 1
Mecca 2
Your Hand Reaches Out
Aren't You Afraid
Last Moments

I would like to thank The Secret Garden Project for all the above tracks.

A Final Adieu
320 DDL
Everything But The Girl - Temperamental (Blue Amazon Mix)
Danny Tenaglia Feat. Celeda - Music Is The Answer (Brother Brown Remix)
Everything But The Girl - Wrong (Deep Dish Remix)
Beth Orton - Central Reservation (Deep Dish Modern Red Neck Mix)
Bpt Feat. Dm Binxter - Moody (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
John Creamer And Stephane K - I Wish U Were Here (Envy Remix)
Tijuana - Groove Is In The Air (Unreleased Moonface Mix)
Knight Keys Produced By Hani - Never Felt This Way (Behrouz & Andy Remix)
Jamez Pres. Tatoine - Music (16B Rmx)
ECVM - Circuit Breaker (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
Jimmy Van M & Austin Leeds - More (Austin's Unreleased Mix)
Austin Leeds - Force 51
Schiller - Ruhe (Humate Remix)
Bullit - Cried To Dream (Max Graham Remix)
Roland Klinkenberg - Inner Laugh (Marc Shimmon Mix)
Quivver - One Last Time (Quivver vs Redanka Mix)
Alex Acosta - Tribal Revolution (Jc Mazter Dark Tribe Mix)
Space Drums - Crazy Tribal (Original Mix)
Dj Mario Ochoa - Cherokee (Dj Mazter Dark Tribal Mix)
Jason Downs - Cherokee (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
Redkone - Last Inka Tribe (Original Mix)
Iio - Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
Book Of Love - I Touch Roses (Markus Schulz Dark Rose Remix)
Sinead O Connor - Troy (John Creamer & Stephane K Mix)
Spacelovers - Space Lover (Mara Main Vocal Mix)
Filter - Take a Picture (Club 69 Trance Mix)
Duncan Sheik - On A High (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)
First State Feat. Anita Kelsey - Falling (Extended Mix)
Vivian Green - Cursed (Escape & Vicious Vocal Mix)
Nat Monday - Waiting (John Creamer & Stephane K Mix)
Luzon - The Baguio Track (Circulation Mix)
Astrid Suryanto - Rain (Sultan Remix)
Sultan And The Greek - Wadi (Vocal Mix)
Sultan & Tonedepth Feat Heroic - Back To You (Original)
Luzon - Manila Sunrise (Markus Schulz Remix)
Quivver - These Are The Days (Vocal Mix)
Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Evolutions Autodub Remix)
Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Forths Remix)
Angel - Goldrush (Freefall Therapy Dub)
Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Original Club Mix)
Miro - Paradise (Miro Dub)
Lustral - Everytime (Original Mix)
Orange - Remember Me (Brother Brown Remix)
Taylor - Xenophobe (Original Mix)
Innate - Changes (Killahurtz Kilo Remix)
Ambassador - One Of These Days (Todays Mix)
Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Leama & Moor Remix)
James Holden - Nothing (Dub Mix)
Steve Gibbs - Tears In Rain

Enjoy, and as always comments are welcome.
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