Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love II (For Marlene)

This is the follow up to Love that I did some time ago. This time around the journey takes us on a faster pace with some very lush and deep progressive tunes. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did making it.

I have to give a very special and warm shout to my lady Marlene wich inspired much of this mix.Thanks for being patient and I love you very much.

Track Listing
East Cafe - Come To Me(Tropical Highlight Remix)
Hypnotic Duo - Atmosphere (Tropical Highlight Remix)
Bobby Deep - Dream World
Buteratte - Spring (Original Mix)
Aeron Aether - Lake In The Well (Embliss'Strange Duck In The Bite' Remix)
Aeron Aether - Aeron Is Coming (Reelaux Remix)
Pink Floyd - Echoes (DJ Kue remix)
Alex Pich - Tinctures (Arty Remix)
Dave Emanuel - Four Noble Truths (Evgeny Bardyuzha Remix)
D-Mad - She Gave Happiness (Arty Remix)
Shipstad & Warren - Long Time Away
Pconvolve - Cosmology (Original Mix)
Bobby Deep - Your Lovin Arms (Original)
Hypnotic Hour - Birth Of Dawn (Original Mix)

320 DDL
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