Saturday, December 25, 2010

Inner Motion 1 & 2 For Download

Here are 2 new Dark Progressive House mixes for your listening ears to indulge in. I hope you enjoy them and comments are welcome as always. Merry Christmas to all.

Inner Motion 1

Lank - Starting Point

Alec Troniq - Passengers (Coma Waxme Trainpassing Remix)

Blackisbeautiful - Pergamon (Henson's Return To Pergamon Mix)

Tiago Fragateiro - Face (My Favorite Robot Remix)

Dawid M - Tripping Man (Original Mix)

Blanali - Transposiciones (Original)

Let's Go Outside - Blood (Original Mix)

Marbert Rocel - Wide Awake (Lila Bungalow Remix)

Dani Junquera - Never Ending Happiness (Original Mix)

Koen - Fearless (Original Mix)

Laufmasche - Palaoa

Lazar - And This Is Her Smile (C-Rock Remix)

Marc Moan - Warm Soul (Original Mix)

320 DDL

Inner Motion 2

Dj Bia - Deep More Deep (Original Mix)

Guido Sava & Federico Monachesi - Dusk (Original Mix)

Darko Esser - Balans (Andre Lodemann Remix)

Aka Aka, Thalstroem - Meiler (Dudu Nahas Remix)

Come T And Fusion F - Green Housing Estate

Not Okay - Third Floor (Original Mix)

Riley Warren-Lost (Accentbuster Remix)

Dudu Nahas - La La La (Victor A Remix)

Kynatix - Out Of Sight (Tripperman Remix)

Vansam - New Devide (Original Mix)

Yura Popov-Hope(Idteque Remix)

Idrop - Silent Heal

Stan Kolev, Juan Mejia - In The Dark (Original Mix)

Yamil Farag - Underworld (Speed Mix)

320 DDL
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