Sunday, May 29, 2011

We have music again :)

Looks like the servers are back up and running again over at I thank all the people over there for all their hard work and giving us a space to showcase our skills. If you guys get a chance go over and join and browse the site for some great stuff.

On another note, I now live in Mexico and my internet connection is very slow on the upload side and this has slowed my mix output somewhat. It now takes me on average about 4 hours to upload a mix compared to 45 minutes in the states. The music is still coming but at a somewhat slower clip.

Thank you all for the support and listening to my mixes. I know that they might not be the best around, but I assure you all, that every single mix is made with the honest Love for the Vibe and Electronic music scene.

Thanks again, and help keep the Vibe alive by supporting the Artist, Producers and Remixers.
- James Sysense DeRosier.
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