Monday, March 18, 2013


A new Breaks mix that starts out proggy and deep then continues to build into some harder hitting acid style breaks and ending in the realm of a few Dubstep tracks. Enjoy :)
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Tracks used:
Sasha - Cut Me Down (LoQuai Remix)
Alfoa - Aves (Autumn Birds Mix)
Blusoul - Vertigo Bender
Andrew Philippov Feat Mila Nice - Magic Moonlight (Original Dub Mix)
Max Gueli - Back To Space (Original Mix)
Beatman - Delerium (Original Mix)
RMS & Peak - Ten Dimensions (Original Mix)
Blazer - Low Gravity (Original Mix)
Beta - Iron Peach (Original Mix)
Specimen A feat. David Ivan - Chasing Shadows (Breakstep Mix)
Hedflux, Tom Wilkes - Basscake (Matthew Mccurry & Stephen Cole)
Arma - Ostem (Original Mix)
Tomcraft - Loneliness (Deakaluka & Cherry aka BreakNtune Remix)
Beatman - Leeroy Jenkins (Access Denied Remix)
Hironimus Bosch - Shit Kicker (Quadrat Beat Remix)
Deenk - Shut
Wardian, Blaster Plan - Moliendo Cafe (Original Mix)
DJ Hero - Cannonball (Original Mix)
Doctor P - Watch Out (Driven.Two's It's a Trap Edit)
DJ Muggs feat. Chuck D & Jared From Hed Pe - Wikid (Des McMahon Remix)
Datsik - Nuke 'Em (Protohype Remix)
Hooky - R K'd (Original Dubstep Mix)
Madrus - Right Now (Original Mix)
Living Proof - All The Way
Nyctophobia - Generation Omega (Original Mix)
Lindstedt - Cigarette Glow
Direct stream
320 Direct Download
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