Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 2 of The Bidness

Tune in today for day 2 of The Bidness 100th episode celebration on

5pm EST/10pm UK/23:00 CET - Mardouk
6pm EST/11pm UK/00:00 CET - Johan Nilsson
7pm EST/0am UK/01:00 CET - Suzy Solar
8pm EST/1am UK/02:00 CET - Scott Roberts
9pm EST/2am UK/03:00 CET - Sysense
10pm EST/3am UK/04:00 CET - DJ Mash-D
11pm EST/4am UK/05:00 CET - Cristian Paduraru

You can also copy the link below into your favorite desktop player and listen to all the great mixes that will be streamed today.
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