Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DI.FM Show

Tune into DI.FM Progressive channel for Lrcn's 100th episode. This special show will span 4 days and have exclusive mixes from some the best DJs around including a set from me.

Special 100th episode part 1
2pm EST/5pm UK/20:00 CET - Yomi Singh
3pm EST/6pm UK/21:00 CET - Crocy
4pm EST/7pm UK/22:00 CET - LRCN
5pm EST/8pm UK/23:00 CET - Yvonne Black
6pm EST/9pm UK/00:00 CET - Jason Timothy
7pm EST/10pm UK/01:00 CET - Sonix
8pm EST/11pm UK/02:00 CET - Geoff Ledak
Start time: 2PM US Eastern / 7PM GMT / 20:00 Central European Time, on the Progressive Channel.

Special 100th episode part 2
Line-Up:for the 14th
5pm EST/10pm UK/23:00 CET - Mardouk
6pm EST/11pm UK/00:00 CET - Johan Nilsson
7pm EST/0am UK/01:00 CET - Suzy Solar
8pm EST/1am UK/02:00 CET - Scott Roberts
9pm EST/2am UK/03:00 CET - Sysense
10pm EST/3am UK/04:00 CET - DJ Mash-D
11pm EST/4am UK/05:00 CET - Cristian Paduraru


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